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Fodder for the Blog - Admin meeting, Feb 1 2018

"Fodder for the blog" is a blog that lists topics that could be an entire blog of their own, yet are not.  These are bullet points from Mindful Boston's Thursday Administrative Staff Meeting.  Yes, we would like to see a full blog about each of these topics.  Nope, we are not going to be the individuals that write them...  Are you?


  • Topic: No one has time to write out a blog anymore
    • There are so many topics that need to be explored in depth.  Yet, we are setting up our lives for only superficial bullet point, or memes, about such things. 
  • Topic: Mental Health, especially hoarding.
    • How many of the "witches" of previous generations would be diagnosed with mental heath concerns today?
    • Is the TV show about hoarders just a modern version of the old freak shows? 
    • The idea that people will stop being mentally ill if we can just figure out how to punish them enough for their "bad" behavior.  Outdated puritanical non-compassionate ways of punishing behaviors rather than working towards understanding and creating healing pathways.  
    • Mindfulness practice as one of the tools for creating architecture of healing pathways.
    • In what ways is the "seed" impulse of hoarding an impulse that could have been biologically beneficial during other times in history?  Would a merchant or an old-school matriarch of a family have had the same impulse, and yet it could have been used for good- as long as there were a network of people who used the gathered objects wholesomely? 
  • Topic: The STAFF at mental health facilities
    • In what ways can staff become compassionate.  In what ways could mindfulness practice support staff?
    • Clients...  expectations that clients practice mindfulness is a grey area.  Bernie Glassman's work at Greystone Bakery is a positive example.
  • Topic: Accessibility
    • Who comes to MiBo classes?  What are issues of accessibility?
    • When buildings are built with accessible ramps instead of stairs, it benefits everyone, not just the identified people with more visible disabilities. 
    • And yet, privileges such as companion dogs have had examples of being misused.  For example, dogs need proper care around "bathroom" needs.  So critics have their points.
  • Topic:  Communicating to new folks who don't know MiBo's studio and culture
    • Fish in the Water, & can't know what you don't know. 
    • How does MiBo create very clear standards of practice, and standards of Practice. 
    • What requirements should there be around bringing partners to class?  Other variations of support?  
  • Topic: Children and Death
    • The oldest child protecting the mother, or becoming the mother.
    • Is what ways can we re-weave family supports?
    • Best practices for an adult's self-care in the face of a child's valid anger at a situation.  
  • Topic: Religious expression and spiritual beliefs
    • American forms of mindfulness have many roots in Buddhism. 
    • It is problematic for MBSR teachers to treat their work as some kind of "gateway drug" to Buddhism. 
    • What are some of the ways for Mindful Boston's leadership to ensure non-religious practices?


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