Second Meeting


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Imbolc Fire.jpg

Description: "Fodder for the blog" is a blog that lists topics that could be an entire blog of their own, yet are not.  These are bullet points from Mindful Boston's Thursday Administrative Staff Meeting.  Yes, we would like to see a full blog about each of these topics.  Nope, we are not going to be the individuals that write them...  Are you?

(Images: sparks from the Ground Hog day fire in Alstead NH)
  • Many closets for many "faces"
    • To be a woman in the world has multiple layers.  The metaphor of having a number of different "faces" is interesting to contemplate.  Each "face" is designed to address a specific interpersonal/social role.  
    • Barbie dolls were one of the entry points to this complex role-making for GenX and BabyBoomer women.  In Barbie's most positive aspects, she is a modern interpretation of goddess archetypes for women navigating male archetypal systems. Venus and Artemis roles.
    • In what ways can a separate closet for each "face" be a support?  How best to language that need so that others don't see it as crazy or OCD?
    • The negotiations around both material space and internalized space are different for female-male marriages than for female-female marriages. 
  • Audio Recording Project
    • Partnering with CCTV and/or creating a home studio
    • Practice Blog
      • Local and homemade
      • frequency?  once per week/quarter? 
    • Badged Teacher requirements
    • create as an "apple" business for a Craftsman to eventially run. 
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