About Mindful Boston

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Mindful Boston is a studio that teaches meditation skills.  We offer classes at locations in Boston and Cambridge MA.

Our business structure is similar in format to a martial arts studio, yet we are a meditative arts studio. As with other studios (karate, dance, yoga, etc.), there is an educational community that forms as students meet each other, progress in their meditative studies, and make friendships. 

Beginners can sign up for any of our beginner level classes, and then there are additional longer-term options to follow our training pathway through intermediate programs, and then teacher-level certifications. 

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At Our Studio Locations

Most beginners start with The Meditation Toolbox Course.  But we also offer free Community Meditation Nights for those who want a complimentary taste of meditation before committing to attend the six-week course. 

You can start with either one of these two introductory programs that are upcoming on our calendar