Learning and Practicing

Meditation Skills

Mindful Boston is a meditation studio where you can take classes. We offer in-person meditation practice.  Beginner level courses through professional certification.

Learning Meditation

Interested in learning Meditation?

Beginners can choose to start with either our free Community Meditation Nights or the more structured Meditation Toolbox course...   Learn More

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Interested in TEACHING meditation?

Mindful Boston has developed a training pathway for you to follow in order to develop the proper skills for offering this profound service to your clients...   
 Learn More


At Work

workshops | lectures | retreats


There are now impressive medical studies that show meditation to be effective for stress resilience, focus, concentration, and health. Workplace mindfulness enhances wellbeing. 

Bring a meditation teacher to your workplace location so that your staff can experience mindfulness. Just fill out our Workplace Outreach form with your requests to get started with the professional team at Present Source.        ...Learn More


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Our Programs

Classes | Certificates | Internships


Mindful Boston is a studio that teaches meditation skills.  

Beginners can sign up for our introductory classes, and then there are additional longer-term options to follow our training pathway through intermediate and then teacher-level certifications. 

During each class we offer, there is meditation time, teacher instruction, Q&A, and collaboration with other students.  Class times and dates are listed every semester at our Meetup group.     ... Learn More


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Get Involved

Mindful Boston is a community. 
You are welcome to join in the fun!


Sign Up For a Program

Class times and dates are listed every semester at our Meetup group.  

work with us

Volunteers and interns are an essential part of our community.

Make a Donation

Support our community of practice, make a donation to our Membership Program.  

What students say:

“ Mindful Boston has been a life saver for me.  I am truly thankful for the wisdom it has brought into my life. ”

--Julie, student in the Meditation Toolbox course / Read more testimonials


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